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It's begining to look alot like Christmas...

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dandelion_clock @ 07:48 pm: To Get in the Christmas Spirit...
Hi guys,

I'm a student from the University of Illinois and I just wanted to spread the word about a 24hr Carol Hotline that we students run during our finals week before winter break.

The Carol Hotline is called Snyder Hall "Dail-a-Carol" and it is a free, non-profit, just for fun volunteer hotline run and staffed by the Students that live in the Snyder Hall dorm at U of I. Basically, the jist of the program is, anyone is welcome to call our number and request us to play them a Christmas carol or winter holiday song out of our stock of CDs. It is just a fun way to get into the holiday spirit. No one makes any money, and it doesn't cost you a dime apart from whatever your phone company likes to charge you for making calls. The hotline runs from Midnight last night to Midnight of Friday the 14th.

So if you feel like hearing a carol give us a call at 1-217-332-1882

Also, if you have friends or family in the 217 area code, you can request us to call them up and play a Carol/Holiday song for them, but unfortunately we're not allowed to dial outside the area code.

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